Safecracker Machine Game


PlayTech online casino software providers have created an expert piece of online slot game called as the Safecracker Slot Game. The Safe Cracker is a 3-reel 1-payline progressive slot machine with a Robbery theme. The slot features symbols like high-tech bank vault, drills, dynamite, crowbars, locks, keys and the works. The coin levels are adjustable on the Safe Cracker slot machine and these are 0.25, 0.50, $1.00 and $5.00 which will enable you to win some huge prizes if you can efficiently manage to crack this safe open. The top award is 20,000 if the maximum bet made of three coins is made. Maximum line wager on the Safe Cracker slot machine is $15 and this will help you to win the live progressive jackpot.


Progressive jackpot

If you win the maximum bet of three coins per spin, you will be qualified for the Progressive Jackpot.  A certain amount of each bet while playing this game goes to the Progressive Jackpot pool. If three Dollar Bill symbols are placed on your payline while going for the maximum bet, you will win the progressive jackpot. 


Bonus feature

You need to spin in 3 Key symbols to play the bonus game, after spinning the reel you have to pick a safe to open to reveal your cash prize. You will need to wager a maximum bet of three coins. Once the minimum bet is made, and when the Key symbol appears on all three reels on the pay line, the Safecracker Slot Game Bonus Feature gets triggered.

Among other cool feature in Safecracker Slot game to win big money is the Deposit Boxes because the players can click on any of them to reveal Bonus Prize values. To reveal this bonus prize you have to be lucky enough as three of the boxes are alarmed and ends very quickly while another 7 of the deposit boxes are safe to open and contains prizes for you. When the Game Bonus round is complete, you will be returned to the regular Safecracker slot machine game and your Bonus Prize will be added to your total win.

Safecracker machine game is a must-play game for all casino lovers. This interesting game will surely liven up your gaming experience and of course help you in winning good money.