8 Ball Slot

8 ball slot machine game

8 ball slot machine game

Here is a perfect game for all the pool lovers. 8 ball slots machine game is a classic Vegas style slot machine developed by the well known online casino software developer Playtech. This three reel, one line slot machine features two types of balls – striped balls and spot balls, also known as solid balls. Coin denominations in this slot game ranges from 0.02 to 2.00 dollars. There is no scatter or wild symbol and there are no progressive jackpots in this game. The light effects and sound effects make you feel like you are really at a casino.

How to play the game

You just have to clicking on the + and – buttons on the left of the screen to choose the value of the coins you want to wager. Click Bet One to wager one coin, click Bet Max to wager two coins and spin the reels automatically. You can also bet by clicking on the corresponding column in the pay table.  If the reels show a winning combination after they stop, you win according to the winning table.

Payouts Schedule

This slot game offers a huge payout which is as follows.

If you get 3 solid balls, you will win 2 coins. Three stripped balls get you 5 coins.

You can earn additional 50 coins if you manage to get a set of three 5 balls or set of three 6 balls

You can get payout of 60 coins if you get three 9 balls or three 7 balls on the reel.

If you manage to place three 11 balls or three 10 balls on the reel you will be paid 70 coins.

A payout of 80 coins is awarded if three 12 balls or three 13 balls are collected by you.

A set of three 15 balls or a set of three 14 balls that is placed will earn 100 coins for you.

The game offers its players various winning combinations for real money or for free.