Rainbow King Slot machine

Rainbow King is a beautifully fashioned slot machine powered by the Novomatic software. Rainbow king is not only lively and colorful when it arrives to its symbols but it accompanies with lots of cash prizes too. This one wing bandit Rainbow King slot game has A, J, K, Q, 10, Sack of Gold Coins, Effects of Castles, Crowns, Gains of Gold, and a King acknowledged as the Rainbow King. The intention to play Rainbow King is that individuals have to hit sequences of kind symbols commencing from left to right. The slot machine is fashioned with 5-reel and 20-triumph lines to bet on as well as 3 bonus rounds. The bets open from as low as 1p a line.

Reel King spins

In the Reel King Spins feature, the Reel King comes and spins a little set of slot reels. Prizes are won depending upon the combination of seven’s on the king’s reels. This feature comes to an end when a non-seven symbol figures on the reels.

rainbow king slot 5 reel slot


The “Gamble” button turns up once after getting a combination of at least two symbols straight next to one another from the left. The twists can be doubled with the “Gamble game”. On deciding to continue the gamble, just press the “Gamble” button and launch the “Gamble game”. If you do not want to gamble, just hit the “Take” button.

Rainbow King Bonuses

Rainbow king feature:

More than 3 King symbols set off the Rainbow King Feature. Here, one can stir a character above the game board by laying dice, and can win different wins on each square. By landing the characters on a Rainbow King square, a minute slot game is initiated which can be played when a game character parks on a “Take the Money” four-sided figure.

rainbow king slot machine

King Cash Feature

By activating 3 crown symbols on the game, one can be benefited with the “King Cash” feature. It lets us to pick one of the 12 crowns and a mixture of little luck to grab the jackpot! This feature allows you to triumph up to 500X on your total bet.

rainbow king slot king feature

Cash Castle Feature

The “caste castle feature” can be activated by 3 or more castle symbols. Choosing the castles will get the possibility of a huge win! There are chances of winning between 2X and 500X on the entire bet.

The Rainbow King slot machine has benefited of being capable to gamble whichever win you like. With the activation of gamble button after a win, one can either opt to accumulate or gamble. If you make your mind up to gamble it is on a dual or ruined basis.